Bespoke Customer Relationship Management

All-encompassing and Bespoke CRM Solutions

Gathering, organizing, and managing client information – this becomes a straightforward process with a custom-developed CRM. We include all the necessary functionality to boosts information-driven sales, services, and marketing.

Our CRM solutions represent an integrated product, combining software solutions for sales, marketing, as well as customer support. Our dedicated Team has developed it in a manner that would carefully meet the demands of our client base, while expanding their efficiency.

Delitron’s innovative CRM software organizes all information to equip you with data-rich resources when it comes to individuals and/or companies, in order to gain knowledge for effective B2C practices in your operations field.

Advanced All-In-One Solution

Explore the opportunities with Delitron’s fully customizable Dashboard view, ensuring an intuitive and interactive experience. You have the ability to present and easily navigate through relevant information for your purposes – such as latest leads (current and newly assigned), deposits, etc. Moreover, you can use the “drag and drop” functionality to structure the required information, matching your professional needs at the moment.

Optimized Internal Access Management

Gain full control over your company and business information by managing the access within your organizational structure. Hence, with the means of this option different roles within your company will be restricted to a varying degree of the ability to add, remove, edit, or see specific data.

As you can see via the image provided here, access is determined as per the position in your business structure. Due to this, you achieve:

High-Tech Solutions for Client Management

With the functionality to “Manage Clients” you receive the ability to have all your client database in one place. Furthermore, you can access specific client cards via their e-mail or client ID. You can also search for overall traffic, filtering by GEO, Affiliate, date of registration, or FTD status.

With the means of this feature, you gain the following benefits:

Enhanced Client Cards and Reporting

The functionality of our client management is sufficiently improved by our “Client Card” system, which enables your business to oversee the whole process of lead and client handling. Hence, you will have access to all provided client personal information, deposit counts and amounts, interactions with Sales and Conversion Representatives, and more.

Technologically Advanced Platform

Data & Growth Activity Analytics

Guaranteed Product Efficiency

Creative Automation Opportunities