Bank Reconciliation System

BRS System

BRS System is brand-new accounting software for small and middle-sized business owners. This easy-to-use accounting solution gives you control over your accounts, finances, invoicing, taxes, and cash flow. With its sophisticated features, BRS System is all you need to manage your business finances successfully.

Get all the advantages with this All-In-One Financial Software

Managing recurring payments

Safely accept and manage credit/debit card and direct- debit payments. Get paid twice as fast by setting payment and invoice reminders. 

Manage and Track budget within your organization

BRS System ensures a fully centralized view of each client’s funds and budgeting. Keep track on the status of each invoice and transaction, with balance comparisons, invoice archive, payment reviewers, payment approvers, and sign-off dates. You have all the controls in one place to prevent sign-offs, balance mismatches, incomplete budgeting and funds deficiency. Teams can automate tie-outs between reconciliation workbooks and the general ledger and perform automated completeness checks to ensure a reconciled trial balance. BRS sends time-sensitive notifications when reconciliations are due, ready for review, and/or detects an unexpected out of balance condition. 

Pay your business bills & expenses

Access all your bills in one place, track and pay on time and get a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow. 

Track cash flow

Get an overview of your business with short- term cash flow and financial health metrics, plus accurate, future cash flow predictions based on your sales and other business data. 

Bank reconciliation

Match transactions with speed and accuracy. Keep your financials up to date. Categorize and reconcile bank account transactions each day using suggested matches. 

Run advanced reports

Track your finances with up- to- date accurate accounting reports. Decide how to present the data in each report and compare budget versus actuals. 

Multi-currency Support

Pay and get paid in over 160 currencies, including virtual coins with multi-currency accounting, banking, and invoicing. Use real- time currency conversions and other advanced features of BRS Systems.

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