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The Culture of Diligence

As a respectable tech holding company, Delitron centers its values around three key concepts: hard work, dedication, and diligence. We believe that implementing those principles into the core of our work is what makes us successful in our business endeavors.

As professionals in the development industry, we have established that driving people to your business requires diligence above all. Therefore, our Delitron team has carefully developed two technologically advanced machines to foster, facilitate and enhance this diligence.

In a nutshell, we provide businesses with the analytical capabilities of big data and automated processes, which enable efficient repeat client acquisition. We do so by offering our two diligently crafted, agile software development solutions and an integrated CRM platform which navigates the overall process of client management.

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Turn your business endeavor into a success with technologically advanced solutions and our integrated CRM platform.

Making Modern Business Thrive with High-Tech Products

Diligence Machine

The technology, enabling businesses to turn leads into repeat customers is developed at your disposal. It provides the marketing automation, lead management tools, and CRM hooks needed to create great customer experiences.

Diligence Leads

Identifying high potential leads with manual work is history. We automize this process by setting custom scheduling, filtering by segments and many more. We provide solutions to grouping, sharing, and assigning leads with the help of our innovative, analytical tools and software.

Bespoke CRM Platform

An integrated product, combining software solutions for sales, marketing, as well as customer support. Our dedicated Team has developed it in a manner that would carefully meet the demands of our client base, while expanding their efficiency.

Our philosophy – sharing revenues with our clients.
We set ourselves apart from competitors, by not having set up fees, monthly minimums, or maintenance fees. Hence, our business model for our products is pure revenue for our customer base.

Core Values

Hard Work

We deeply believe in the value of our work culture. Therefore, we are committed to providing excellent products and services by driving diligence to our clients’ business undertakings.


The key benefit to having all your data and growth activity in one place is that you enable a variety of innovative business possibilities.


Our philosophy - to simply foster the diligence required to face the unique challenges of the B2C world.