Diligence Machine

Innovative CRM Platform Development

Our ‘DiligenceMachine’ represents the product name of our operational CRM software development. Its main activities revolve around the marketing automation services, which efficiently work towards turning leads into loyal repeat customers.

With the means of this software, Delitron equips it business partners with the management tools, marketing automation strategies, and CRM hooks needed to craft an excellent customer experience. The main components of our DiligenceMachine consist of track form activity, automatic lead scoring, and tracking when leads are ‘ready-to-buy’.

The Benefits For Your Business:

This tool automatically tracks form submissions on the website, assigning details to registered leads in your database. More specifically, with the help of this process you will have access to the information the lead has provided, as well as when this has occurred.
Automatic lead scoring is one of the most innovative modules in Delitron’s marketing automation process. It represents the process of measuring the lead’s engagement and readiness to purchase. Therefore, by using our lead scoring feature you access valuable information, which can be directly sent to the Sales team for further action.
With the help of Delitron’s intelligent platform you can easily identify ‘hot’ leads. With the means of automatic e-mail alerts, containing lists with interested leads, your business will have the readiness to speed up the process and effectively acquire new customers.

Agile Automation Possibilities

The automation marketing process is only a steppingstone into digitalized, modern business endeavours. When a company aspires to acquire a loyal repeat client base, it is of great importance that leads correctly matched to an effective member of your Sales Team.

The ‘DiligenceMachine’ is part of Delitron’s analytical CRM, which works towards nurturing the personal interaction between a potential client and your company’s sales representatives.

Therefore, our agile software solutions provide clients with well-structured and detailed processes that will enable a steadily high customer acquisition rate. Those include of software components such as: sharing and assigning leads, organizing leads by groups, tags and labels, and filtering by company name and size.

The Benefits For Your Business:

Implementing our lead distribution systems positively impact lead volume, contact rates, and conversion rates. Delitron provides an automated process with which you can assign leads to specific members of your team, in order for them to quickly follow up with them.
With the help of this process, our company offers your business an efficient way you can group leads by a specific channel or source (the initial landing page, for example), add tags or labels for a more detailed segmentation, keeping your leads organized and easy to monitor.
Our developed platforms will enable you to filter leads by company name, industry, geographic data, overall online behaviour, viewed pages, and exit links. Other highly useful information we offer is marketing data such as UTM tags or referrer. In short, this process allows our clients to reach leads with the highest potential in a timely, efficient manner.